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A man was bothered by a dog barking, so he decided to go up to Molly the corgi, take his gun out, and shoot her at point blank range. Molly died in her mom’s arms. She wasn’t even the dog that was barking. Go to: http://chn.ge/1DrKrom and sign the petition to bring awareness to this horrific event. Let’s hope that this piece of trash gets charged to the fullest extent and more. My heart goes out to Molly’s family. I’m trying to imagine what I would do if someone shot Corgi or Stump Stump and the images of my vengeance are too grotesque to be shared on an upbeat corgi page. #JusticeForMolly #CorgiCommunity

What that man did was horrible, I hope he gets charged to the fullest extent. 

Click here to support please save my baby Corgi.. by Cynthia Lin



If anyone can donate or signal boost, would be much appreciated. Teemo’s corgmom just paid her college tuition when her baby was hit by a SUV. Please help! 

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